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This year seems to have brought to us a lot of new customers who tell us their new purchase is the first vintage car they have owned so that is lovely and encouraging to see and we extend to them a warm welcome into the world of Austineering. We hope all our new customers along with our regular customers will find the products on our website of use to them.

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Having taken over The Seven Workshop from Dave Phillips in January 2014 we have set about adding to our stock and reintroducing items that have been unavailable for some time. We endeavour to always offer for sale Austin Seven spare parts of the highest quality and specification and where possible in a period-style remaining faithful or similar to the original.

Affordability was the key element in Sir Herbert Austin's thinking when he conceived his idea to produce a small car. By 1922 he and his draughtsman Stanley Edge had produced the prototypes for the first Austin 7's. Affordability often goes hand in hand with availability and we strive to maintain keen prices. Whether your Austin Seven is currently in the restoration stage or already on the road, trials course or race circuit, The Seven Workshop is a good place to search for the information and the spare parts you may need to get or keep your vehicle running.

If your intention is to maintain your Austin Seven in concours condition, complete the restoration project in your garage or keep your 'Baby Austin' road worthy for club runs and family days out, our Austin Seven spare parts pages are an excellent reference and resource in this regard. The 750 cc Austin 7 has been no slouch in the Specials and Sports paddocks. Being built mainly or entirely from a mix of standard and sports Austin Seven parts our categories include products suitable for Specials and Sports models. Whether your vehicle is intended for use on the road, trials course, hill climb or race circuit, both amateurs and professionals alike will however find all our categories to be of value.

If you do not yet own a historic vehicle the Austin Seven is a great car to start with. Built between 1922 and 1939 and nicknamed the 'Baby Austin' the car became popular with the British market and was also exported widely overseas. Built under licence abroad it was known as the Dixi in Germany, the Rosengart in France and the Bantam in America. In Australia the chassis was bodied and along with tourers and roadsters, was known as the Ace, Comet, Meteor and Wasp. It also played its part in Japan, whereby a modified chassis would have been imported for bodying on arrival there. If you would like to read more about the Austin Seven please browse the Books/Prints, Handbooks pages.

These wonderful little cars with their huge personality, adaptable nature and versatile performance, we feel, deserve to be kept on the roads and up with the front runners of the historic car movement. Owning a historic vehicle is very much about nostalgia and tradition, along with a keen appreciation for a fine vehicle. Studying the mechanics and development of these pioneer motors is both a challenging and absorbing pastime, with educational benefits for younger and older alike.

Proprietor: Jamie Rogerson

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The Seven Workshop attended autojumbles at Beaulieu and Wollaton Park where we showcased a large selection of our product range in our specially modified trailer.

Closer to home we were pleased to welcome members from the Cornwall Club and the Dorset Club to our premises in North Walsham. Both visits were convivial occasions with liberal amounts of tea and biscuits being made available.

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A great big thank you to everyone at the Bristol Austin Seven Club who provided a superb event and venue for their Golden Jubilee Rally.

Article about the Seven Workshop in the June 2015 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life on pages 88 and 89.

The Seven Workshop in North Walsham moved to new premises on Friday 1st May. Just around the corner from where we started out in January 2014, located at: 1A Cornish Way, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 0AW

The Seven Workshop attended the Austin's to Brighton event on the 19th April. It was a lovely day and provided a great opportunity to meet up with customers who I usually only get to speak to over the telephone.


The Seven Workshop has settled well into our new premises at: 1A Cornish Way, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 0AW

After a very soggy Spring Beaulieu better weather prevailed at the Pre-War Austin Seven Club Autokarna at Wollaton Hall and Park and a wonderful time was had by all.

Soggy weather returned to pester us once again at the Beaulieu International autojumble in September so here's hoping the weather in 2017 is more favourable. Failing that I'm considering having some umbrellas printed with our logo!


Well 2017 was a bit of a strange year but we managed to get through and took on two new members of staff; Vicky and Harriet who a few of you might have already met or have spoken to on the telephone.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year and plans are underway for the autojumble circuit in 2018.

Harriet is making great progress with our long awaited catalogue and with a bit of luck, a following wind and determined effort it will be rolling off the presses later this year.


At Last it's here. Our long awaited catalogue for The Seven Workshop rolled off the presses in May. When we took over the business from Dave Phillips in 2014 the catalogue production had already grown to its 6th edition. To maintain continuity we are running this as the 7th edition and we hope it will be a useful and welcome complement to the website.

To add one to your order it can be found in the Books/Prints, Handbooks pages.


Hopefully most of our customers now have a copy of our catalogue if not you can add one to your order from our Books/Prints, Handbooks pages.


Off to a great start but by mid March confusion reigned with events and autojumbles being sensibly cancelled due to the scare regarding the novel coronavirus COVID 19. Hopefully by the time the isolation period ends we will return to sunnier times and the club runs and days out in our Austin 7's will resume a plenty. Refer to 2021 for an update on this situation.


When all the Happy New Year wishes for 2021 had been said and done we find we are still treading the waters of 2020. Keep safe and stay healthy is the continuing motto.


Hoping we have all turned a corner with this dreadful virus and looking forward to Spring weather, a bit of gardening in preparation for summer produce and I'm sure there's something else but I can't just remember what? Oh yes, it's the Austin Seven centennial year.

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